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Clay tiles roofing

By foambonda6762958, Nov 29 2017 05:15PM

Foambond has the option of eight different colors of Shingles. All eight colors meet the prescriptive cool roof requirments in californias title 24. Cool roofs help reduce energy by using shingles with solar reflecting granules.

By foambonda6762958, Nov 21 2017 05:41PM

A cool roof can save up to 15%on your A/C load and add years to the life of your roof.

By foambonda6762958, Nov 15 2017 09:08PM

White reflective roof coat reflects sunlight, reducing heat build up on your roof and in your attic.The white elastomeric coat is durable for any type of weather. Our polyurethane foam roofs are all class "A" roofs.

By foambonda6762958, Oct 23 2017 09:00PM

Foam Lok is a rigid closed cell, spray polyurethane foam that is manifactured by La pola. This application can be applied to almost any roof subtrate. This application technology offers an option to re-cover or repair existing roof. Polyurethane foam can not be spraid over composition roofing systems.

By foambonda6762958, Oct 18 2017 03:17PM

Polyurethane foam roofing systems are not only used for flat roof. We have used polyurethane foam on plenty sloped houses. Some customers are looking for R value and insulation. If you have a pitched roof and would like to foam your roof call FoamBond for a FREE quote today.

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