Roofing Options

FoamBond Corp is your trusted source for professional roofing services. Our team of experienced roofers is dedicated to delivering quality services and high-quality results. We offer a variety of options in roofing materials, including:
  • Polyurethane Foam: the Best Roofing Option
  • Clay Tiles: Cooling Effects and Beauty
  • Asphalt Shingles: Durable and Affordable
  • Skylights: Nothing Beats Natural Light
  • Single-Ply Membranes: Heavy-Duty Commercial Roofing

Polyurethane Foam: the Best Roofing Option

Polyurethane foam has been used in roofing and insulation for more than 45 years. The secret lies in the many features that make it a superior choice compared to other traditional roofing materials you may be familiar with.
  • Dependable. With no parts that can come loose or blow away, polyurethane foam offers protection you can rely on.
  • Long-lasting. Foam is remarkably resilient to the elements: Many foam roofs have lasted for decades
  • Seamless. No joints or junctions greatly reduce the risk of leaks
  • Flexible. Polyurethane foam can be sprayed on almost any surface, including irregularly-shaped roofs and protrusions
  • Lightweight. Typically coming in at less than half the weight of a traditional roof, foam puts far less stress on the structure of your property
  • Insulation. Polyurethane foam features some of the best insulating factors in commercial construction today.
  • Low-maintenance. Foam roofs require only basic upkeep, create little waste, and offer extended lifespans.

Clay Tiles: Cooling Effects and Beauty

For over 3,000 years, clay tiles have been used to cover roofs, and they keep going strong.

The reason? In addition to being classically attractive and adding a picturesque touch of elegance to any property, clay tiles are durable, don’t require extensive maintenance, and have insulating properties that keep your home cool and help you save money on your energy bills. This is no small feat, especially here in Southern California, where roofing temperatures can reach summertime highs of 190 degrees!

Asphalt Shingles: Durable and Affordable

This is one of the most popular roofing choices thanks to a list of benefits that merges convenience, affordability, and style.
  • Beauty. Asphalt shingles are available in a wide array of colors, textures, and styles suitable for any property
  • Price. This is often the most affordable roofing option!
  • Performance. When installed by the experts at FoamBond Corp, you can rest assured that your asphalt shingles will last many years.
  • Recyclable. Asphalt shingles are made to be recycled at the end of their useful life, reducing landfill mass and contributing to a more sustainable environment

Skylights: Nothing Beats Natural Light

Looking to make your property more luminous and comfortable without breaking the bank? Look no further than skylights!
  • A more appealing interior. You’d be surprised at how just a little natural light can change the appearance of your home — and even your mood!
  • Increased comfort. Many skylights help improve ventilation, taking the comfort of your home to a whole new level.
  • Get more light without sacrificing privacy. Everyone loves natural light, but not everyone wants to be seen by passersby. Skylights let light in while preserving your privacy.
  • Enhance the value of your property. The added comfort and elegance that skylights provide can translate into more money in your bank account.

Free 10-Inch Skylight

Get in touch for a FREE roof inspection and ask about a FREE 10-inch tubular skylight!

Single-Ply Membranes: Heavy-Duty Commercial Roofing

Single-ply membranes are a roofing option commonly used for commercial and industrial applications in fast-track construction projects.
  • Durable. Single-ply membranes are one of the roofing materials that boast the highest longevity rates.
  • Eco-friendly. Many single-ply membranes can be recycled, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Resistance to fire. This roofing material is typically fire-resistant, a particularly important feature when it comes to industrial properties.
  • Low maintenance. Thanks to their resilience to the elements, single-ply membranes require only basic maintenance.
  • Lightweight. Single-ply membranes are among the lightest roofing materials, making them the go-to option for commercial roofing projects where weight is a concern.

FoamBond: High-Quality Roofing Services in Southern California

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